Experiential learning

One year of experiential learning is required for the National Diploma: Building. It is to be done during the second year of the three-year course. It can be done in:

  •  a construction company
  •  quantity surveying practice
  •  organizations such as local authorities, Telkom, Transnet, PWD, etc.

During this year the student will also be required to complete assignments (projects) given to him/her by the Nelson Mandela University.

Students should be given a broad introduction to the construction industry and be exposed to and or gain experience in as many aspects as possible.

The evaluation of a student by an employer during experiential learning is of the utmost importance, as the employer assumes the role of student mentor in the work-place. Since we are practicing co-operative education where the employer is seen as a partner in the training of the student, input on the student’s performance is highly valued.